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The workshops with NGOs Clinic will be the second step of the collective designing process of the Summer Drafts festival 2012.
This time, the practice of offering services pro bono, meaning to provide professional and organizational interventions free of charge, will be placed at center of a reflection around issues such as the sustainability of practices of social intervention, their effectiveness and the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they inspire. During the workshops will also talk about citizenship, globalization, postcolonialism and the crisis, continuing to consolidate the processes of self-organization across the city, and focusing especially on the ethical implications of the third sector.

Stefano Harney is Chair in Strategy, Culture, and Society and planning expert, and Emma Dowling, Lecturer in Ethics, Governance and Accountability, teach in the department of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London. The NGO’s Clinic was founded within this department with the intention of freeing valuable resources and knowledge in the field of critical management and organization studies and put them in the service of the common. Its consultants have been working with various organizations, both in London and in countries such as Hong Kong, Palestine, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil, offering their services to third sector organizations who are committed to bring greater social justice, dignity and respect in the world.


Workshop on participatory planning practices

13th October, h. 6-9pm
Pippo, Via Cadorna / Parco Petrarca, Bolzano

14th and 16th October, h. 6-9pm
La Rotonda, Via Alessandria 47, Bolzano

The workshop has been the first step of the collective planning process of Summer Drafts Festival 2012. During the meetings we used participatory methodologies and practices. The workshops on 13th and 14th October were mainly practical: through group activities we elaborated a diagnosis of the dynamics of the social fabric of the city, with the aim of unlocking collective desires and wishes. The meeting of 16th October was an occasion to reflect on the results of the workshops and prepare guidelines for how to continue with the collective design of the festival.



Correspondences is the first phase of Officine SD. It is a mailing list open to the entire population in the province of Bolzano that will be animated by some “pen pals” who are practitioners engaged in international migration, cultural diversity, antiracism and participatory involvement of civil society. The topics of the online conversations will be born from participants’ desires,ideas or needs related to issues of cultural difference, migration, organization, or any other urgent lived condition. These ongoing conversations and knowledge exchanges will be the bases for discussion during the workshops.

The “pen pals” are: Elliot Perkins of the sound art collective Ultra-red; Gabriella Alberti, a researcher based at Queen Mary University who deals with transnational migration and labor policies; Susan Kelly, artist, performer and videomaker; Concha Lorenzana Olivari and Lucrecia of Antigona Procesos Participativos, an organization that deals with participatory planning; Emma Dowling, Stefano Harney and Ishani Chandrasekara from the NGO Clinic, a pro bono consultancy service for non-governmental and non for profit organizations.