Schizoanalysis lab # Javier Toret & Valeria Graziano

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06&08 July, h. 19.00, Lungomare, Via Rafenstein 12

Javier Toret will propose a workshop dedicated to the schizoanalytic practice created by the theorist and therapist Felix Guattari. Little known in Italy, schizoanalysis has developed in the Seventies as a critical alternative to traditional psychology and psychiatry. Today it represents an important conceptual reference in countries  such as Spain, Brazil, Argentina, not only in the area of the “psy” disciplines, but also by inspiring artistic and theoretical practices which explore the body, subjectivity and desire.

6th of July– The first meeting will offer a theoretical introduction to some of the basic concepts of schizoanalysis

8th of July– The second meeting will experiment with some concrete working practices through games and exercises.

Javier Toret (Spain) trained as a psychologist and work as an educator for a centre of young migrants in Barcelona. He is active in various networks of Spanish and European social movements. Toret is founder of the web platform N-1, and member of the Universidad Nomada, and of the collective Fugas, Malaga, which is active in the research and development of the schizoanalytical approach of the French philosopher and therapist Felix Guattari.