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Donne Nissà is an association formed by migrant and not migrant women, that from 1995 offers itself as place for meeting, aggregation, exchange, with the primary aim of working for and with migrant women. The association aspires to create for women the conditions of an autonomous activation of emancipatory journeys, organizing services, actions, and projects (legal consultancy, jobseeker assistance, a kindergarten, an intercultural café, literary and theatrical initiatives) with a laic and critical approach, which differentiates itself from the welfare orientation.

Lungomare is a laboratory for the culture of the project inaugurated in 2003 by Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo. The association connects the analysis of the local territory with an international orientation, through the collaboration with other associations and cultural institutions. Lungomare offers itself as a space for experimentation, dealing with social, political and cultural issues. Its approach is interdisciplinary, aiming to stimulate possible relations between different creative fields like design, visual communication, architecture, art and urbanism.


Volontarius is an association inspired by the principles of voluntary service, that, from 1999, bases its activities on gratuity, sharing and welcome. The association works with homeless people, female sex workers, Rom communities, refugees, and young migrants. The refugee centre Ex Gorio welcomes migrants offering them a first approach to the local context through language courses and cultural activities. The Centro Minori Non Accompagnati hosts young migrants living away from their families and organizes educational and creative activities.

The Rete per i Diritti dei Senza Voce (network of those with no voice) is a network formed by associations, unions and citizens preoccupied by the increasing climate of intolerance. The network aims to have migrants’ rights recognized in Italy and South Tyrol, and has recently organized in Bolzano the initiative of Primo Marzo (1st March) – the first migrant strike in Italy – and a series of public demonstrations against racism.

Papperlapapp is a youth centre that from 1992 offers a rich program of activities going from the Language Café, to the support of young music bands, to the cultural initiatives of InterKult. From 2009, together with Arci Ragazzi, Papperlapapp runs Pippo, a centre which hosts concerts and organizes cultural and recreational activities.



The Alexander Langer Foundation, active since 1999, supports groups and individuals who contribute to pursue the civil, cultural and political commitment of Alexander Langer, key figure in the European analysis and organization of cultural difference, and in the mediation of inter-ethnical conflicts. The Alexander Langer Price, the International Festival Euromediterranea, the project Adopt Srebrenica, are amongst the main activities of the Foundation. With a Master Course organized together with the University of Bologna, the Foundation promotes the figure of the conflict mediator and pace operator.

Tandem is the free radio of Bolzano, born in 1977 with the ether’s liberalization in Italy alongside other historical radios like Radio Alice, Radio Sherwood, Radio Popolare. In the palimpsest of Radio Tandem find place several programs conducted by migrants and by association dealing with intercultural issues. Tandem is not only a radio but also a cultural association which, from the beginning of the ‘80s, organizes festivals and concerts like the popular Volxfest/a, two days of music on the Talvera park in Bolzano.