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Antigona is an organization that brings together a group of sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and environmental experts from more than ten years of working in participatory methodologies. Antigona followed participatory projects and interventions on behalf of international cooperation, among others, the European Union, the UNESCO and CIMAS, realising projects in Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil and many other South American countries.

The NGO Clinic is a center of pro-bono research and advice created within the Queen Mary University, London. This innovative center provides support, coaching and targeted training for NGOs and more generally for groups that operate in the third sector, culture, and international cooperation.


Elliot Perkins is an artist and a social worker in antiracism. He is part of the sound-art collective Ultra-red and of the Rural Racism Project, a group supporting legal and human victims of racial attacks in the South-West of England. Elliot participated in last year’s edition of Summer Drafts creating soundscape compositions with the young people living at the Casa Rossa.

Gabriella Alberti is a researcher that studies migration and labor policies. In London, where she works and conducts her research on the conditions of migrant women in the service sector and the processes of politicization, Gabriella is active in the campaign No One is Illegal against the new controls and criminalization of migrants and in the collective Feminist Fight Back. Recently she got involved in the project “Interchange” in collaboration with the Association of the Latin American Workers (LAWAS), which includes an English / Spanish language exchange and self-organised encounters around social and political issues relevant to migrants who struggle for their conditions of living and working in the capital.

Susan Kelly is an Irish artist and teacher. Susan’s recent project called Centrifugal, is a collaborative platform that brings together art practitioners and theorists from three European cities at the borders of Europe: Helsinki, Zagreb and Belfast. Key themes are the following: migration, border negotiations, tourism and travel, networked micro-histories, maritime spaces and the changing public and private civic spaces of cities and informal economies in Europe.


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