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Methodological approach

Summer Drafts differs from other intercultural manifestations, putting forward a model which is alternative to both the “serious” round table dealing with problems related to issues like “living-together” (convivenza), integration and migration, and the “playful” intercultural festival that displays the expression of different cultures, often trespassing into the folkloristic and the celebration of the cultural stereotype.

Through an approach which is “serious” and “playful” at the same time, the artists involved in Summer Drafts propose ways of exploring forms of sociality that are transversal to the different cultural identities present on a territory.

The project

Summer Drafts consist in a series of workshops and events led by international artists interested in processes of participation and organization.

The artists will work together with a group of participants: Italians, German, and others from different “cultural-linguistic” groups present in Bolzano. Beside the workshops involving the participation of this “intercultural” group, Summer Drafts offers encounters open to the public and workshops with a specific target.

Associations of Bolzano working with migrants on the territory are involved in Summer Drafts with a role of mediation between the artists and the local context. Some of them are collaborating together with the artist in the preparation of the workshops.

Common thread of the meetings is the “topic” of “informal spaces”, spaces of encounter that are not institutionally regulated, and do not presuppose a predetermined physical structure, but are rather constituted through the coming together of people.

Using artistic competences at the level of everyday experience and away from logics of representation, Summer Drafts intends to deal with complexities generated through the presence of different cultural groups on a specific territory, offering a platform for exchanges and collaborations amongst the different parts involved.


Summer Drafts offers both events open to the public and workshops for an intercultural group of participants, beside others with a specific target (for intercultural social workers and youth workshops). Workshops, encounters, events will take place both at Lungomare and around the city of Bolzano. Summer Drafts will open on Sunday the 20th of July with a presentation of the anthropologist Franco La Cecla who will introduce his last book Contro l’architettura, building a relation with Summer Drafts and the thematic of informal spaces. In the afternoon the artists’ collective UNWETTER will prepare a discursive picnic open to the public that will function as an initial moment of aggregation through the participation of the different associations and artists involved in the project. The next day, Franco La Cecla will lead a workshop for intercultural social workers. The workshop has been organized to offer a service to the associations involved into the project, but it is open to other workers in the social field. The following weekend is entrusted to Amy Plant, who will prepare a workshop on informal learning together with the association Giant-Bi. During three weeks, the Committee for Radical Diplomacy will institute in Bolzano a sort of lost/found agency, an itinerant office to reactivate lost competences, passions and desires (or to help getting rid of the undesired ones). The office will close with a workshop on “missing, loosing and getting rid of something” on the third weekend of Summer Drafts. For the closing event of the project the artist Hiwa K will prepare, together with the participants, a dish that will translate into food some of the issues emerged during the four weeks of the project: connected via skype, Hiwa will cook together with his mother in Iraq, and also with the other artists of Summer Drafts and with people who took part in the project but on that day will be outside Bolzano.

Furthermore, Summer Drafts proposes public presentations of the work of Amy Plant and the Committee for Radical Diplomacy, and, with these same artists, two youth workshops involving both the Youth Centres and the refugees centres of Bolzano (CPA and ex-Gorio).

Finally, every Sunday from 9 pm to 10.30 pm for the length of the project, artists, associations and guests will present their ideas and discuss Summer Drafts at Radio Tandem, the free radio of Bolzano, as part of the program Mi Tierra! conducted by the association Latinoamerica y su gente.