Hiwa K cooking with mama

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For the closing event of Summer Drafts, Hiwa K will prepare a Cooking with Mama, involving the public and the participants in the preparation and consumption of food, cooked simultaneously with the mother in Iraq: mother and son will be connected via messenger. If usually is the mother who shows how to cook an Iraqi dish, in this case the recipe will be elaborated in collaboration with the participants of Summer Drafts. Beside the mother, Hiwa will be connected with other artists and participants that will be away from Bolzano on the 8th of August. Through the introduction of digital technology, Cooking with Mama will constitute a further exploration of spaces of informal aggregation.

Hiwa K is visual artist and musician, and his interests evolve around the figure of the artist as an amateur. He has been developing a series of projects exploring the paradoxes of cultural competency and the dissemination of knowledge. Hiwa will also take part to the opening of Manifesta 7 with the performance Moon Calendar.