Cultural landscapes # Meike Schalk & Erika Mayr

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03.-11. July # First meeting: h 10.30 Donne Nissa, Cagliari Straße 22 – h 11.30 Semirurali Park in Alessandria Straße

Meike Schalk and Erika Mayr will use methodologies of participatory planning to involve the people of Don Bosco neighbourhood in the construction of a urban garden promoted by the association Donne Nissa’. To cultivate not only vegetables and spices, but also friendships and relationships.

Meike Schalk e Erika Mayr (Sweden and Germany) Meike Schalk and Erika Mayr are both passionate about micro-urbanism and urban interventions. Meike holds a PhD in Landscape Architecture and teaches urban planning and design at the School of Architecture at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. She is editor of SITE magazine and one of the initiators of FATALE, a collective that pursues research and education within, and through, feminist architecture theory. Erika is a gardener and beekeeper. She participated in the competition Shrinking Cities 2008 together with the architect Stéphane Orsolini, receiving the Holcim Regional Awards of North America. She is head of the Charlottenburg beekeeping club and collaborates frequently with Finger, Frankfurt. Her honey is “Stadtbienenhonig“.

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