Cartographic interventions # Maiz

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First meeting h 11.00 Ex Gorio, Via Macello 9

The collective Maiz will lead a psychogeographical exploration that will start from the Piani neighbourhood and involve the Refugee Center and other people living in the area. The visible and invisible barriers of different urban places will be explored together, and cartographic material will be produced to creatively retrace the potential energies of the city.

Maiz (Austria) Maiz is an autonomous organization of migrant women based in Linz and founded in 1994. Maiz has received several recognitions internationally for its innovative approach which includes activities of theoretical analysis, artistic interventions and public relations. In recent years the organization has reinforced its commitment on the cultural front with Schaufenstergalerie – an exhibition space dedicated to anti-racist and feminist issues. In 2007 Maiz has been invited to take part in Documenta 12, where the association exposed an ethical code of behaviour for the collaboration between artists and socially emarginated subjects.