amy plant – informal learning

Workshop by Amy Plant

Saturday, 26th of July 2008

meeting place:
Giardino dei Cappuccini (Piazza Verdi)

14.00 – 18.00

Bridges – a short film about giving and receiving knowledge

Can you remember a learning experience or situation that made you happy?

Tell us your story!

For one week I am taking a journey from person to person with a video camera to make a short amateur film about knowledge shared informally between people in Bolzano. Why is learning often so difficult? I would like to give value to the pleasant ways in which learning takes place outside of educational curriculums and between people of different ages and backgrounds.

During the workshop we will, as a group, script, direct and record on camera, a scene or anecdotes for the film.

I would like to start by asking you the question:

Can you remember a learning experience that made you happy?

Did you discover something from an inspirational person in your life?
Did you learn something wonderful by accident?
Did you teach yourself how to play an instrument or a new skill?
Did you find out something amazing when traveling?
Did an event or a book change your point of view?

What did you learn?
How did you learn it?
And why did it make you happy?

We will begin the workshop by sharing these stories and then work with them to develop the scene.

Please bring with you an object that illustrates your story. We may need props for the film!
If you don’t want to appear in the film – don’t worry – you can still take part and be behind the scenes!
The film will be screened in Bolzano in September and you will receive a copy on DVD.