About Officine SD

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Officine SD is a participatory planning process involving the local and migrant population of the Bolzano province, in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy. The aim of the participatory process is to collectively organise the festival Summer Drafts. Laboratories of Transversal Vivacity, to be held in 2012. The broader aim is to encourage critical thought around ongoing practices that deal with migration, postcolonial thought and cultural diversity and contribute to the strengthening of networks of support among actors.

Summer Drafts itself started in 2008 and has a biennial cycle. It brings together practitioners from various fields whose activity can be be described as an art form that has been called , ‘community , ‘participatory’, ‘relational’, ‘dialogic’ and ‘new genre public arts’ among other definitons. Guests are invited for a residency in Bolzano and given the opportunity to develop a project with the support and in conversation with a local civil society organisation.

In the past two editions we have worked with:

Donne Nissà (migrant women organisation), Langer Foundation (promotion of democratic practices, named after the founder of the Green Italian party), Giant-bi (solidarity NGO with Africa), Latinoamerica y su Gente (initiatives promoting Latin American cultures) , Porte Aperte (cultural mediation services), Papperlapapp (youth centre), Rete per i diritti dei senza voce (Political migrant network, organisers of the 1st March protest), Radio Tandem (independent local radio), Ex-Gorio (Refugee centre) and Casa Rossa (unaccompanied migrant youth hospitality centre), Teatro Cristallo (local theatre active in outreach programmes), Associazione Vispa Teresa (community organisation), Associazione nazionale Rom e Cinti (network of Gipsy and Roma people), Biblioteca Culture del Mondo (multicultural library and study centre).

Invited artists and guests include:

Sandro Mezzadra, Italia; Ultra-red, UK/US; Maiz, Austria; Javier Toret, Spain; David Vercauteren, Belgium; Meike Schalk & Erika Mayr, SV/DE ; Betty/Sexyshock, Italia; Amy Plant, UK; Unwetter, DE; Committee for Radical Diplomacy, UK; Hiwa K, Iraq; Franco La Cecla, anthropologist; Alessio Antoniolli, Triangle Trust, UK.